Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology


NANOTECHNOLOGY'S IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT Nanotechnology is a field that has a lot of promise when it comes to saving the environment. It could change how we try to solve global problems by cutting down on the amount of damage we do. However, the use of nanomaterials can also [...]

Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology2022-10-31T16:13:48-05:00

Importance of Environmental Design


IMPORTANCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN The environment is everything that surrounds us. Abiotic and biotic factors make up an environment. Biotic factors include animals, plants, and microorganisms. Abiotic factors include temperature, water, salinity, light, and others. WHAT IS ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Environmentally friendly design is a way [...]

Importance of Environmental Design2022-10-31T16:14:30-05:00

What Is Electronic Waste?


WHAT IS ELECTRONIC WASTE? Electronic waste is any electrical equipment that people throw away. Basically, once an electronic device no longer works well or isn’t new it is at the end of its “functional life”. This includes anything with wires, batteries, a screen, buttons, a circuitry system, or any [...]

What Is Electronic Waste?2022-10-31T16:16:16-05:00
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