Why Invasive Species Are a Problem


WHY INVASIVE SPECIES ARE A PROBLEM Invasive species are a threat to the environment. They can alter biodiversity and may also contribute to the destruction of entire ecosystems. WHAT IS AN INVASIVE SPECIES? An invasive species is any living plant, animal, or parasite that is [...]

Why Invasive Species Are a Problem2023-02-22T15:20:45-06:00

What Is a Vulnerable Species?


WHAT IS A VULNERABLE SPECIES? A vulnerable species is any kind of species that is at risk of becoming endangered, and eventually extinct. Often, species are vulnerable because they have lost their homes. Vulnerable species have a steady drop in population over time. These species need the circumstances threatening [...]

What Is a Vulnerable Species?2023-02-22T15:28:25-06:00

Why Whaling Is Bad for the Environment


WHY WHALING IS BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT? Whaling is when people hunt whales for meat, oil, and other things. This has had a big impact on the number of whales in the world's oceans. Many countries still take part in commercial whaling. HOW WHALING AFFECTS [...]

Why Whaling Is Bad for the Environment2023-02-23T10:28:07-06:00

Why Marine Conservation Is Important?


WHY MARINE CONSERVATION IS IMPORTANT Marine conservation means keeping ecosystems in the world's oceans and seas safe and healthy. It can be done by long-term use of strategies that help keep species in the ocean from being lost.  Additionally, people must stop overusing the ocean’s [...]

Why Marine Conservation Is Important?2023-02-23T18:08:51-06:00

What Poaching Does to the Environment


WHAT POACHING DOES TO THE ENVIRONMENT Poaching is the illegal hunting, killing, or capturing of wildlife. This can refer to any animal that is being hunted or captured illegally, including endangered species, game animals, and fish. WHY POACHING IS A PROBLEM Poaching is a serious [...]

What Poaching Does to the Environment2023-02-24T10:50:43-06:00

Arctic Ice Melting and Climate Change


ARCTIC ICE MELTING The melting of Arctic ice is a direct result of climate change, which is causing warmer temperatures. As the Arctic ice melts, it contributes to the overall warming of the planet, which in turn causes further melting and exacerbates the effects of climate change. [...]

Arctic Ice Melting and Climate Change2023-04-03T12:38:55-05:00

What’s Fly Fishing?


What is Fly Fishing? Fly fishing is a method of fishing that involves using a lightweight lure, called a fly, to catch fish. Unlike traditional fishing methods that use bait, fly fishing relies on the weight of the line to cast the fly and imitate the movement of insects [...]

What’s Fly Fishing?2023-03-07T21:29:20-06:00
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