What Is Habitat Conservation


WHAT IS HABITAT CONSERVATION? Habitat conservation means protecting the places where things on earth live.  A habitat is a place where a certain animal, plant, or other living thing lives. These places are important to keep healthy and fix when they are hurt.  Without habitats, many plants and animals [...]

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Why Invasive Species Are a Problem


WHY INVASIVE SPECIES ARE A PROBLEM Invasive species are a threat to the environment. They can alter biodiversity and may also contribute to the destruction of entire ecosystems. WHAT IS AN INVASIVE SPECIES? An invasive species is any living plant, animal, or parasite that is [...]

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Why Whaling Is Bad for the Environment


WHY WHALING IS BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT? Whaling is when people hunt whales for meat, oil, and other things. This has had a big impact on the number of whales in the world's oceans. Many countries still take part in commercial whaling. HOW WHALING AFFECTS [...]

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WHAT IS OVERGRAZING? Overgrazing occurs when livestock or wildlife overexploit vegetation cover in a given area. This can happen if the pasture is not given enough time to recover after each grazing season. Overgrazing can also occur when grazers are allowed to graze on pasture for an extended period. [...]

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