The reason I created Dynamic Earth Learning was to inspire kids to pursue science as a career and a source of joy. To support that mission, I’ve created a scholarship program for high school kids who want to pursue a major in environmental science, agriculture, sustainability, or any STEM field at an accredited university.  

Scholarship Details

  • $250 
  • High School Seniors may apply by February 15th
  • Available to students anywhere in the United States
  • Please fill out and return the following application
Download Scholarship Application
Download School Grant Application

Resources & Guides

I know that everyone has a different way of learning and absorbing information. For the more visual learners, check out some of my video-based products below. Or if you’re just looking for some informational guides, head on over to my YouTube channel. Happy learning!

Video Guide Products
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For more information about me, my farm, and the kinds of learning materials I create, get in touch with me here.