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  • What Is Illegal Logging

What Is Illegal Logging?

WHAT IS ILLEGAL LOGGING? Illegal logging is the illegal harvesting, transportation, and processing of wood. It is a problem that affects rainforests all over the world. People who illegally [...]

  • what are superfund sites?

What Are Superfund Sites?

WHAT ARE SUPERFUND SITES? A superfund site is an area that has a lot of dangerous materials in it. Most superfund sites are places that were abandoned a long [...]

  • where will space debris fall

What Are Space Debris?

WHAT IS SPACE DEBRIS? All the things that people make and put in space are called "space debris." These objects are mostly made up of pieces of machinery that [...]

  • what's a seed bank

What Is a Seed Bank?

WHY ARE SEED BANKS IMPORTANT? Seed banks are essential for the survival of plant species. Like animals, some plant species are threatened with extinction. This also includes plants that [...]

  • intensive agriculture

Factory Farming and the Environment

FACTORY FARMING AND THE ENVIRONMENT Factory farming is a cause for concern on the planet. It is one of the major causes of environmental change. This agricultural practice not [...]

  • plastic straw ban thumbnail

What Is the Plastic Straw Ban?

A plastic straw ban is an idea that is growing in popularity. Basically, plastic straws are bad for the environment. Unfortunately, there are a lot more straws in the [...]

  • ban battled water

Why Should We Ban Bottled Water?

WHY DO SOME BELIEVE WE SHOULD BAN BOTTLED WATER? Bottled water is bad for the environment. Many single-use plastic bottles end up in both marine and terrestrial ecosystems. They [...]

  • whaling

Why Whaling Is Bad for the Environment

WHY WHALING IS BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT? Whaling is when people hunt whales for meat, oil, and other things. This has had a big impact on the number of [...]

  • soil conservation thumbnail

What Is Soil Conservation?

WHAT IS SOIL CONSERVATION? Soil conservation is the implementation of farming practices and techniques that protect soil against deterioration. We can prevent soil erosion and improve soil fertility through [...]

  • The Urban Heat Island Effect

The Urban Heat Island Effect

THE URBAN HEAT ISLAND EFFECT Something known as the "urban heat island effect" has a bad impact on the environment.  It's getting more and more difficult to deal with [...]

  • nutrient-pollution-impact

Nutrient Pollution Impact

NUTRIENT POLLUTION IMPACT Nutrient pollution is when too many nutrients build up in a body of water, causing algae to grow too quickly. This can have a range of [...]

  • marine conservation

Why Marine Conservation Is Important?

WHY MARINE CONSERVATION IS IMPORTANT Marine conservation means keeping ecosystems in the world's oceans and seas safe and healthy. It can be done by long-term use of strategies that [...]

  • fossil fuel car ban

When Will Fossil Fuel Cars Be Banned?

WHEN WILL FOSSIL FUEL CARS BE BANNED? The timeline for banning fossil fuel cars varies by country and region. Some countries have already set targets for phasing out the [...]

  • why-are-ghost-nets-made-of

Why Are Ghost Nets a Problem

WHAT IS A GHOST NET? A ghost net is a type of fishing net that has been lost or intentionally left at sea. Ghost nets are a big problem [...]

  • poaching and the environment thumbnail

What Poaching Does to the Environment

WHAT POACHING DOES TO THE ENVIRONMENT Poaching is the illegal hunting, killing, or capturing of wildlife. This can refer to any animal that is being hunted or captured illegally, [...]