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Organic Foods Vs. Non Organic Foods

Why is there so much demand for organic food? There is a growing demand for organic food around the world. This demand is due to concerns about health, the [...]

Clean Meat – Cultured Meat Environmental Impact

In response to various environmental problems faced today, there has been a dramatic increase in people who want more sustainable food options. Now, there's a new environmentally-friendly product fresh on the [...]

  • animal testing animal research preclinical research

Animals Most Often Used for Testing

Preclinical research is often utilized in order to determine the overall safety of any new drugs being developed that are going to be used on humans. Because [...]

  • meat environment sustainable climate change pollution greenhouse gases

Meat & The Environment

Does meat consumption threaten our planet and our way of life? The short answer is yes: meat production and consumption on a mass scale currently does pollute the environment, worsen [...]

  • Liver Flukes

Aquaponic Parasites – Liver Flukes in Humans

Aquaponic growing methods have many positive benefits and outcomes, like being environmentally responsible and no chemical usage. Aquaponics refers to the relationship between water, aquatic organisms, bacteria, nutritional dynamics, and plants [...]

Could Working from Home Make the World a Better Place?

The Environmental and Psychological Benefits of Telecommuting The world of work has been transformed in a surprisingly short period of time. Seemingly overnight, millions of office workers were sent home, with barely enough time [...]

  • endangered species act US fish and wildlife services animal conservation animal extinction


The US Endangered Species Act of 1973 is one of the most effective, primary laws in the United States. Using science-based programs, 99% of species the Act [...]

  • Aquaponics: The Key to a More Sustainable Future?

Aquaponics: The Key to a More Sustainable Future?

A fast-increasing world population means a rapid urbanization process, which is taking over what was once fertile farmlands. In general, urban sprawl, droughts, and arid climate are causing food shortages. How [...]

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