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The way people drive cars affects the environment. Gas cars (what most people drive) are bad for the air because they give off harmful gasses that can hurt animals and plants. Electric cars (like Tesla cars) don’t give off harmful gasses. They’re better for the air and a lot of people want them.


Electric cars are powered by electricity. The electricity comes from battery systems that belong to the car. (Research from US Department of Energy)

how do electric cars help the environment
  • Electric car motors are like the ones in our washers and dryers. They make the cars go by turning the wheels. The motors are powered by a high-voltage battery.
  • People who drive electric cars have to charge them (just like we need to put gas in our cars). There are some places in Europe and the US where a car can charge its batteries.


Electric cars are good for the environment. However, they have disadvantages as well. The benefits of electric cars often outweigh the disadvantages.

why electric cars are better

Why Electric Cars Are Better: Pros

In the future, all cars will be electric. Here are some of the reasons why electric cars are better than cars that run on gas.

  1. Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • When a car burns gasoline, it makes a lot of carbon dioxide. This is bad for the earth’s climate because CO2 traps heat.
  • Electric cars don’t have engines, so they don’t burn gasoline or diesel fuel. This can make the climate cooler.
  1. Electric Cars Are Energy Efficient
  • Electric cars and other machines run more efficiently than gas-powered cars and other machines.
  • In old cars, a lot of the gas gets burned up to make the wheels move. In electric cars, electric engines only convert a small percentage of the battery power in order to get moving.
  • Most of the energy that is produced in gas-powered cars comes out the exhaust where it can’t do any good.
  • A lot of the power from an electric car battery is used to push the car. That’s why an electric car can go faster than an oil-burning car.
  1. Low Maintenance Cost
  • Maintenance is what you do to keep something in good shapes like a car, house, or bicycle. It’s easier to maintain an electric car than a gas car.
  • Electric cars don’t need to be worked on often. Electric cars also have fewer parts than gas-powered cars.
  • The moving parts in gas cars can wear out over time due to friction, resulting in high maintenance costs.
  • Electric cars don’t use engine oil, so you don’t have to replace it when it wears out as you do with gas cars.
why electric cars are bad

Why Are Electric Vehicles Bad: Cons

In as much as electric vehicles are friendly to the environment, they have their disadvantages (Research from

  1. High Purchase Cost
  • Most Electric cars cost more than other cars because the companies have to spend a lot of money on research and production.
  • It is expensive to replace the batteries of an electric car. That’s why few people buy electric cars.
  • The price of electric cars can vary depending on the manufacturer. The size of the car also affects its cost.
  1. Charging Electric Car Batteries Takes Time
  • Electric car batteries are powered by electricity. The electricity makes the motor run. When the motor runs, it drains energy from the battery. People can charge their batteries at home with a wire plugged into an outlet.
  • Charging an electric car can take a long time or it can take a short time, depending on the charger. Refilling a gas tank of a gas-powered vehicle takes only 5 minutes.
  • We have 43,000 electric car charging stations in the US and millions of people want to drive electric cars. We need more charging stations because we do not have enough and people get mad if they can’t find one.
  1. Limited Driving Range
  • The amount of miles an electric car can go on a battery is less compared to the number of miles a regular car can go on a tank of gas.
  • It is hard to drive electric cars far because they have smaller gas tanks than other kinds of cars. The good ones can only go about 200 miles. The best ones can go for more than 300 miles.
  • Automakers are working on making electric cars go farther between charges.


Electric vehicles can impact the natural environment indirectly:

  • Electric cars don’t harm the environment. The need to make electric cars causes more harm to the environment than making gasoline-powered cars.
  • A lot of pollution comes from the manufacturing of electric car batteries. Electric car companies make pollution for a different reason than other kinds of car companies.


Electric cars cost more money (to make and buy) to drive than gas-powered cars, but they are better for the environment and they are cheaper to maintain.

These cars don’t pollute the air as much as regular cars. We’re trying to make the air cleaner, so we won’t have to worry as much about global warming.

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