What Are the Effects of Global Dimming


WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF GLOBAL DIMMING? Global dimming is the gradual decrease in the amount of solar energy reaching the earth's surface. It occurs due to increased particulates in the atmosphere. These particles block the heat and light from the sun, causing a cooling effect on the planet. [...]

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Sea Level Rise and Global Warming


SEA LEVEL RISE AND GLOBAL WARMING Sea level rise is the gradual increase of water level in the world's oceans due to global warming. The emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere causes the planet to warm up over time. This adds to sea level rise and other climate [...]

Sea Level Rise and Global Warming2023-03-07T10:31:42-06:00

What is Forest Fragmentation?


WHAT IS FOREST FRAGMENTATION? Forest fragmentation occurs when a large forested area is broken into smaller patches scattered across a landscape. These patches are often divided by roads, utility lines, and other manmade structures.  Forest fragmentation is also known as habitat fragmentation, and it can have a detrimental impact [...]

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What is a Biome?


WHAT IS A BIOME? A biome is a large geographic region characterized by the type of climate, animals, and plants found in that area. The organisms in a biome often have similar characteristics that allow them to survive and thrive in a given region. Biomes are [...]

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