Why Marine Conservation Is Important?


WHY MARINE CONSERVATION IS IMPORTANT Marine conservation means keeping ecosystems in the world's oceans and seas safe and healthy. It can be done by long-term use of strategies that help keep species in the ocean from being lost.  Additionally, people must stop overusing the ocean’s [...]

Why Marine Conservation Is Important?2023-02-23T18:08:51-06:00

When Will Fossil Fuel Cars Be Banned?


WHEN WILL FOSSIL FUEL CARS BE BANNED? The timeline for banning fossil fuel cars varies by country and region. Some countries have already set targets for phasing out the sale of new gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, while others have yet to make any official announcements. For example, Norway has [...]

When Will Fossil Fuel Cars Be Banned?2023-02-23T19:54:47-06:00

What Poaching Does to the Environment


WHAT POACHING DOES TO THE ENVIRONMENT Poaching is the illegal hunting, killing, or capturing of wildlife. This can refer to any animal that is being hunted or captured illegally, including endangered species, game animals, and fish. WHY POACHING IS A PROBLEM Poaching is a serious [...]

What Poaching Does to the Environment2023-02-24T10:50:43-06:00

Phase-out of Lightweight Plastic Bags


PHASE-OUT OF LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTIC BAGS You can buy plastic bags, which are also called "carrier bags," at many stores. They're made from a very thin film of plastic. They are often used to carry goods from stores and markets to their homes. Unfortunately, lightweight plastic bags are a problem [...]

Phase-out of Lightweight Plastic Bags2023-02-28T10:50:24-06:00

Nanotechnology in Farming


WHAT IS NANOTECHNOLOGY? “Nano” is the Greek word for dwarf. Things on the nanoscale are really small stuff – really, really, really small. These particles measure 1–100 nanometers. They are extremely tiny; it takes 10 million nanometers to make one centimeter. There are nanoscience and nanotechnology fields. This technology [...]

Nanotechnology in Farming2023-02-28T19:28:03-06:00

Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology


WHAT IS NANOTECHNOLOGY? Nanotechnology involves manipulating and controlling matter at the atomic and molecular level to create new materials with unique capabilities. These nanoparticles are extremely small, between 1 and 100 nanometers. To put that in perspective, there are 1 billion nanometers in 1 meter.  Nanotechnology has the potential [...]

Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology2023-02-28T20:44:17-06:00

Monarch Butterfly Conservation


MONARCH BUTTERFLY CONSERVATION Besides being beautiful, the monarch butterfly has a very important job in the world. Monarch butterflies have unique bright colors on their bodies that help them avoid being eaten by other bugs, and monarch butterfly conservation is highly important. WHAT DO MONARCH [...]

Monarch Butterfly Conservation2022-10-31T16:14:03-05:00

Arctic Ice Melting and Climate Change


ARCTIC ICE MELTING The melting of Arctic ice is a direct result of climate change, which is causing warmer temperatures. As the Arctic ice melts, it contributes to the overall warming of the planet, which in turn causes further melting and exacerbates the effects of climate change. [...]

Arctic Ice Melting and Climate Change2023-04-03T12:38:55-05:00

Importance of Environmental Design


IMPORTANCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN The environment is everything that surrounds us. Abiotic and biotic factors make up an environment. Biotic factors include animals, plants, and microorganisms. Abiotic factors include temperature, water, salinity, light, and others. WHAT IS ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Environmentally friendly design is a way [...]

Importance of Environmental Design2023-05-09T09:52:55-05:00
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