What is Carbon Absorption


What is Carbon Absorption? The capture and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere is carbon absorption or sequestration. Geologic and biologic absorption are two major types of CO2 sequestration. The Carbon Cycle Definition The carbon cycle shows how CO moves between several storage [...]

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Why Invasive Species Are a Problem


WHY INVASIVE SPECIES ARE A PROBLEM Invasive species are a threat to the environment. They can alter biodiversity and may also contribute to the destruction of entire ecosystems. WHAT IS AN INVASIVE SPECIES? An invasive species is any living plant, animal, or parasite that is [...]

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Factory Farming and the Environment


FACTORY FARMING AND THE ENVIRONMENT Factory farming is a cause for concern on the planet. It is one of the major causes of environmental change. This agricultural practice not only harms the environment but also destroys biomes. Biomes are the places where certain animals and plants live. [...]

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What Is Soil Conservation?


WHAT IS SOIL CONSERVATION? Soil conservation is the implementation of farming practices and techniques that protect soil against deterioration. We can prevent soil erosion and improve soil fertility through soil conservation. TYPES OF SOIL CONSERVATION Soil conservation aims to keep the soil healthy through the [...]

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What Are Genetically Modified Animals?


WHAT ARE GENETICALLY MODIFIED ANIMALS? Genetically modified animals are animals whose genetic materials have been artificially altered. This is often done to change certain characteristics in the animal. HOW ANIMALS ARE GENETICALLY MODIFIED Modern biotechnology has made it possible for scientists to change the genetic [...]

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Is Local Food Better for the Environment?


IS LOCAL FOOD BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT? The body needs food to stay healthy. Food contains substances called nutrients that give the body energy. Carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals are nutrients, and water is too. Food can be imported from other places or produced locally: WHAT [...]

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WHAT IS OVERGRAZING? Overgrazing occurs when livestock or wildlife overexploit vegetation cover in a given area. This can happen if the pasture is not given enough time to recover after each grazing season. Overgrazing can also occur when grazers are allowed to graze on pasture for an extended period. [...]

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