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WHAT ARE NATURAL PIGMENTS? Natural pigments are naturally occurring colored substances obtained from plant or mineral compounds. They can be mixed with oil, water, or any other liquid to create coloring products such as paint. Some natural pigments can be used as food colorants while others are [...]

NATURAL PIGMENTS2022-10-31T16:19:14-05:00



Medicinal plants are plants whose parts contain beneficial phytochemicals that can help treat diseases or improve health. The leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, fruits, and barks of medicinal plants can be used directly or synthesized to create pharmaceutical drugs. Plant medicine, also known as phytomedicine, is [...]

WHAT ARE MEDICINAL PLANTS?2022-10-31T16:22:50-05:00

Why is Water Cycle Important and How Humans Affect It


WHY THE WATER CYCLE IS IMPORTANT All life on earth is reliant on the water cycle. Our bodies need lots of water to perform various biological processes. In fact, up to 60% of the human body is made up of water.  We can [...]

Why is Water Cycle Important and How Humans Affect It2022-10-31T16:23:33-05:00

Cool Animal Adaptations


In the wild, animals go through different challenges. They are affected by harsh climatic conditions, hunted by predators, and sometimes fight for resources. These conditions can be life-threatening as they can cause the extinction of certain species. To survive, animals need to come up with new ways that can [...]

Cool Animal Adaptations2023-02-12T22:27:35-06:00

Why Is Biodiversity Important To Ecosystems?


WHY IS BIODIVERSITY SO IMPORTANT? To understand why biodiversity is so important, we must first understand what an ecosystem is. An ecosystem is a community of living organisms. They interact with each other and their non-living environments. For an ecosystem to function and survive, it needs [...]

Why Is Biodiversity Important To Ecosystems?2022-10-31T16:24:12-05:00
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