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What Is Hydrology?


WHAT IS HYDROLOGY? Hydrology is the study of water from a scientific standpoint. It includes the study of water's occurrence, properties, circulation, and distribution on, beneath, and above the earth's surface. Hydrologists are scientists who specialize in the study of hydrology. IMPORTANCE OF HYDROLOGY Water [...]

What Is Hydrology?2022-10-31T15:59:52-05:00

What Is Ocean Acidification?


WHAT IS OCEAN ACIDIFICATION? Ocean acidification is the process by which the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus decreasing the ocean’s pH. The ocean absorbs up to one-third of the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the earth's atmosphere. FACTS ABOUT OCEAN ACIDIFICATION Ocean acidification [...]

What Is Ocean Acidification?2022-10-31T16:00:18-05:00

What’s Avian Flu?


What is Avian Flu? Avian flu, also known as avian influenza or bird flu, is a viral disease that primarily affects birds. The virus can be transmitted between different species of birds, but it also can spread from birds to humans. In some cases, the virus can mutate and [...]

What’s Avian Flu?2023-05-07T19:55:41-05:00

What is Carbon Absorption


What is Carbon Absorption? Carbon absorption, or carbon sequestration, is the capture and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. This process occurs naturally through photosynthesis in plants and algae, which absorb CO2 from the air and convert it into organic matter. In addition to photosynthesis, carbon absorption [...]

What is Carbon Absorption2023-02-22T12:53:45-06:00

Why Eat Crickets?


Why Eat Crickets? Crickets are small insects with flat bodies and sphere-shaped heads. The insect is a favorite snack for reptiles and large insects and is edible to humans. Why should you eat crickets? You might think crickets are gross but they aren’t. These little bugs pack lots of [...]

Why Eat Crickets?2023-02-22T14:35:39-06:00

Why Sustainable Energy Is Important


Why Sustainable Energy Is Important Have you ever flipped on your light switch and wondered where that power came from? Or, maybe you’ve taken a bath and begun to question where the water starts. Also, where does it go after you’re done?  For hundreds of years, our world has [...]

Why Sustainable Energy Is Important2022-10-31T16:03:33-05:00

Why Invasive Species Are a Problem


WHY INVASIVE SPECIES ARE A PROBLEM Invasive species are a threat to the environment. They can alter biodiversity and may also contribute to the destruction of entire ecosystems. WHAT IS AN INVASIVE SPECIES? An invasive species is any living plant, animal, or parasite that is [...]

Why Invasive Species Are a Problem2023-02-22T15:20:45-06:00

What Is a Vulnerable Species?


WHAT IS A VULNERABLE SPECIES? A vulnerable species is any kind of species that is at risk of becoming endangered, and eventually extinct. Often, species are vulnerable because they have lost their homes. Vulnerable species have a steady drop in population over time. These species need the circumstances threatening [...]

What Is a Vulnerable Species?2023-02-22T15:28:25-06:00
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