Hi, I’m Kate.

After working as a high school teacher for 17 years, I decided to look for ways to make science more engaging and relevant for kids everywhere — not just the ones in my own classroom.  

Online Learning

To make that happen, I created Dynamic Earth Learning downloadable lesson plans for teachers, parents, and kids to discover all the new ways that science is changing technology, farming, medicine, and conservation. It’s my goal to give both instructors and learners the opportunity to become more passionate about the world of science — to explore the present and dream about the future.  

Much of the inspiration for Dynamic Earth Learning comes from my own family farm and the environmental science I encounter every day. By improving access to new engaging learning materials, I hope to give kids everywhere the chance to find their passion too.  

Farming Sustainable Resources

For more information about me, my farm, or the digital science lesson plans I create, get in touch with me here.